I am a tired engineering student who loves personal websites and general web aesthetics. I learned CSS because I wanted to make the perfect Tumblr theme, but Tumblr itself was not enough, so I have a whole website instead.


This website's layout is based on filesystems because I believe it would organize my interests in the best way possible. Being a data hoarder might be part of it, but also because a lot of my interests are digital, thus stored in a file system. I use VSCode to make and edit this website (I have to use it for my robotics team, so might as well use what I already have).


This is not my first personal website. During my middle school and high school years, I maintained kumaclick.neocities.org. I am quite proud of my CSS here, and it got a surprising about of views and comments, so I thank those for that :D. It won two site design awards, which I am more proud of than my academic achievements. I used to use the defunct Mozilla Thimble website to code the site, and then the defunct Atom code editor, and then Brackets code editor, which will also soon be defunct. I wonder if it is a curse. If so then don't be attached to VSCode.

The best way to contact me is through tumblr.

Name Yusha
Age 18
Pronouns She/They
Hobbies Data Hoarding, Reading Comics, Digital Art, Programming
Likes Shoujo/Josei manga, BL, GL, Rhythm Games, Savory Foods, Chai
Dislikes General Chemistry, Waking Up Early